6 Live Chat Optimization Strategies for Better Conversions

Live chat can increase your website conversions. Yet only 14% of companies have it. According to Neil Patel, live chat has the capability to increase your website conversions by as much as 40%. A typical website will have a conversion rate of 2%. This means that it will manage to convert 20 for every 1000 visitors. But a website with live chat is different. It will manage to convert visitors by as much as 50%. So if you have 1000 visitors, that will be 150 sign-ups.

Also, live chat continues to be the preferred mode of communication for customers. This is true across different countries like the US, UK, Japan, Singapore, India, Germany and South Korea.

How can you get live chat to work for your business? Here are 8 conversion optimization strategies that you can use.

Be the First to Greet Your Customer

source: http://www.velaro.com/making-proactive-chat-work-for-you

Greetings are important. But they become more effective if you are the one who initiates them. According to Live Chat Incorporated's Chat Greetings Efficiency Report, a company has 10 times more chances to interact with their customer if they issued proactive greetings. In fact, the companies included in the study claimed that 47.24% of their chats come from proactive greetings. This means that the customer would not have contacted them if they have not initiated the conversation. That's how powerful it is.

A good example for this is Sam's Furniture which managed to get as much as $50,000 monthly sales just from activating proactive chat. They used time on site as a trigger for the greeting. When a user spends a considerable amount of time on the website, the greeting will appear. This has resulted to as much as $50,000 in sales every month.

Personalize Your Messages

Live chat also gives your business the power of personalizing your messages. This is because chats can be linked with pre-existing data. You can then customize your messages based on customer data and message them in a really personal way.

You can do this in 2 ways.

First, you can tailor your greetings.

Crazy Egg calls greetings as 'triggered actions'. This is because you can customize these greetings based on different variables such as time on site, geographical location, time on page, URLs clicked, referrer and visitor status.

Source: https://cdn.livechatinc.com/website/resources/chat_greetings_efficiency_report.pdf

According to Live Chat Inc., it is normal for business owners to adopt 1 to 2 rules when it comes to customizing their greetings. The most popular out of the bunch is the time on site. This is a rule used by 58.37% of businesses included in the Chat Greetings Efficiency Report. This is then followed by URL which has a 16.09% popularity. This pertains to a specific URL that the visitor has to visit for the greeting to be triggered. And then it is followed by visitor status where returning visitors may be greeted with a 'Welcome Back. This is chosen by 13.85% of the companies.

Next, you can also offer tailored product recommendations via live chat. According to Evergage, a customer is 75% more likely to buy if they are offered recommendations tailored to their needs.

For example, ASOS sends product recommendations based on live chat. When someone messages them about their preferences, it quickly returns a product from its online store.

This is another way of customizing your live chat sales messages for better conversions.

Third, you can also activate a triggered lead capture. This is when you ask the customer to sign up to your list. This is effective if you use URL as the trigger. This means that the lead capture page will only activate once the visitor spends a considerable amount of time in a particular URL.

Lower Your Response Time

Long wait times can kill your live chat conversion rates. According to the Zendesk Benchmark study, customer satisfaction decreases as reply time increases. And this is in seconds. The sweet spot, according to the study, is 30 seconds. Anything beyond that and customer satisfaction drops.

Source: https://d26a57ydsghvgx.cloudfront.net/content/resources/zendesk-benchmark-Q1-2015.pdf

According to Neil Patel, you lower your chances of qualifying a lead if you go beyond the 10-minute mark. Yet almost 55% of companies still continue to respond to their customer service concern for 5 days or more.

Source: https://www.drift.com/blog/lead-response-survey/

There's a reason why most customers prefer live chat over others. It is because it is fast and it doesn't require them to move away from their computer. However, it is only effective if you can reply fast.

To lower reply time, you can automate your chat with a chatbot. Chatbots has the capability to increase response time while lowering costs at 30%. A simple implementation of a chatbot can make a 99% improvement in your response time. That is being able to catch your customers without the need of hiring 24/7 agents.

Limit Chats Per Month

Source: https://d26a57ydsghvgx.cloudfront.net/content/resources/zendesk-benchmark-Q1-2015.pdf

Live chat volume can negatively affect your conversion rates. Zendesk found that customer satisfaction also decreases with more chats per agent per month. If your customer has to constantly contact you, it means that they are not happy. So keep chat volume to a minimum. Proactive greetings are okay. It breaks the ice and initiates conversation. But constantly reaching out to your visitor is not okay. Allow them to reach out to you but limit your interactions as much as possible.

Go for the Upsell

Did you know that you 3x more likely to sell to an existing customer than to a new prospect? According to Marketing Metrics. the probability of selling to a new prospect is around 5 to 20% while selling to an existing customer is around 60 to 70%. That's a huge difference. If you are not doing that on live chat, you are losing the chance to convert existing customers into more sales.

Source: https://www.groovehq.com/support/upsells

Live chat is a great place for upsells. An upsell is done when an agent is able to convert a customer to spend more. This can be done by upgrading the customer's current products and asking them to pay a higher fee. The rule is to not be afraid to ask. But only do this if you have sufficiently addressed your customer's needs. Be helpful. Address your customer by their name and be attentive to their needs.

Source: https://www.groovehq.com/support/upsells

The trick is to address your customer concerns when they need it. Groove HQ did an amazing job when they offered live chat services to their existing customers. They did this as a response to their complaint that they get so many negative customer feedback emails. They offered a 14-day trial so that their customers don't have to pay anything to try the service. The result was more conversions for their site.  

NOTE: Always get to know your customer before selling anything. Trying to upgrade a customer to a product that they don't need is inappropriate. You may even lose some customers if you're not careful.

Use Live Chat for Cart Abandonment

Losing a customer right when they are on the verge of buying is the worst. There may be different reasons for this. Some customers claim that it is because they are merely browsing the site. Others may have researched your product in competitor stores and found the same product at a cheaper price. In any case, you'll want to catch your customer before they leave.

To do this, you can use live chat invitations. This can be a simple proactive message asking them to come back. In here, you can greet them and offer them some advice on the products that they plan to buy. The key is customized invitations. The more a message is tailored to the prospect's needs, the higher the likelihood that they will reply.

There are many ways to do this. First, you can look at time on site or product pageviews. This will show you how interested the prospect is in your products. According to Live Chat Inc, this has the capability to convert 10% of your customers.

Another way is to chat with customers who have reached a certain cart value. This can be done through custom variables in the checkout page. This can convert by as much as 11% according to Live Chat Inc. In fact, Roku, an ecommerce website, managed to convert their customers by as much as 25% with proactive messaging.

Source: https://www.roku.com/en-gb/

According to Live Chat Inc, the most effective ecommerce marketing technique to do this is to activate live chat based on geolocation, custom variables and product pageviews. According to their study, you can convert as much as 11% of your customers if you do this. This is then followed by time of page and visited URLs which has a 10% conversion rate.


Live chat has the power to convert prospects into sales. According to Invesp, chatters spend as much as 50% more money compared to non-chatters. On top of this, customers are also 38% more likely to buy because of a good live chat session.

So use the tips stated above to maximize your live chat conversions. Get more sales with these live chat conversion optimization strategies.

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