How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Customers who aren’t happy with the service or product purchase are more likely to be the one talking about you than your satisfied customers. So, if you have bad customer service, you are doing it in your own will. 

It isn’t that difficult to provide amazing customer service, you just have to be aware of it and make it your priority. But don’t worry because when you have amazing customer service, you would be able to increase your price a bit compared to the others. Knowing how to deliver perfect customer service has a lot to do about running the business.

What is an excellent customer service?

Excellent customer service is related to the service that you provide to your customers before, while, and after they buy from you. It’s how you or your employees interact with your customer. When you do improvements on your customer service skills, it could lead to better customer satisfaction and an experience more enjoyable. The size of your business doesn’t matter, if the heart of your business is customer service then you would be successful. Good customer service is important to provide to every customer, may they be new, existing, or potential customers.

While an excellent customer service could take extra time, money, and resources, a good customer service would lead to satisfied customers who could generate good word of mouth, make your customers happy, and encourage them to buy from your company again. It’s one good way to grow and prosper your business.

Ways To Deliver Excellent Customer Service:

1. Be Approachable

Your customers would be ore happy if they could easily contact you or your company representative when they need services, or they have questions. There are a lot of ways for your customers to contact you, through the phone, through email, and through social media. Also, make sure that it’s easy to contact you through any platform you give because if not, your customer service would dive down. Providing a lot of contact points and not having enough staff or resources won’t make your customer service game good. It would definitely be a reason for your customer service to decline.

2. Make sure you respond in a timely manner:

Make it your business policy to return emails, and phone calls within 24 hours. This is something that you would need to commit to, but if you can’t the least you could do is give your customers a timeframe you work in so they know when they could reach you. When you make things clear from the onset, most customers are very accepting, especially when you follow through.

3. Listen to what your customers are saying.

Customers are just normal people too and they just want to be heard. There are times when it would require you to listen to them and that’s all they actually want from you. Don’t bolt in and defend brand, start by listening. Most of the time, they actually have a valid point which you could use to make your business better.

4. Respect your customers

When you are dealing with a rude, irate, demanding customer remember to now stoop down to their behavior. No matter what, treat them with respect and don’t lower your standards. At the end of the day, whether it’s your fault or not they wouldn’t have anything bad to say about you because you handled them with the right behavior.

5. Do not argue with your customers.

There’s no argument with a customer ever won. If you do win, you would’ve lost the customer, which definitely isn’t a win for your business. We do understand that most of the time, customers are wrong but instead of trying to defend yourself and losing them for good, focus on what happened and what’s the best way to resolve it.

Delivering an excellent customer service can:

  • Increase the loyalty of your customers

  • Make your customers spend more

  • Make your customers buy from your store more often

  • Create positive word of mouth and build your reputation

  • Decrease the hesitations of new buyers to buy from you because you have already established a good reputation.

  • This is a service for refunds as well, so you would attract hesitant customers to purchase from you.

Excellent customer service benefits:

1. Customer acquisition is more expensive than customer retention

The average cost of attracting a new customer to your business is five times more than its cost to retain existing customers. That alone is enough reason to provide excellent customer service. Because why would you risk losing your customer. It’s already more expensive to look for a new customer so once you have a customer you should make sure they’re satisfied with your service.

2. The customers who have already purchased from you are more likely to purchase compared to new customers.

Selling to new people is less likely to happen and most of the time repeat buyers purchase more because they already trust your company. Image, statistics show that there’s 5-20% chance a new customer would buy from you while there’s 60-70% for a customer to repeat order.

3. Delivering excellent customer service lowers chances of problems

When you treat your customers like gold, you are reducing your overall problems which are associated with your business, potential legal issues, and sales. When you treat your customers bad, there’s a big chance you’d have problems in the future.

4. It improves your public persona and strengthens your company.  

When you’re interested in public perception, the strength of your brand or your reputation would surely have to have excellent customer service. This doesn’t just equal to reviews that are positive, it also helps in making your company stronger in the minds of people searching for your business.

5. You would be able to keep your customers for a longer time

When you deliver excellent customer service experience, your customers become more likely to stick around and go to your business whenever they need something you offer people are more likely to work with people who have given them a good experience.

6. Word of mouth marketing is the best advertising money can’t purchase.

Word of mouth marketing is almost impossible to buy and attempting to do so could be bad for your business. This strategy has a long effect on people. When a recommendation comes from a friend, people are more likely to listen. Customer service is a good way to make your customers take you to success.

7. It makes employee turnover faster

Employees are mindful of how a company treats their customers. When employees see their employer treating their customers like they’re gold this creates  endowment toward your business, you, and your employees.


For everyone who want to make it in this industry, it’s important that you give importance to customer service. It’s not all about accepting that the customer is always right but it’s about showing your customers that you would be treating them like your own family. This also doesn’t happen when you talk down to them or find ways t extract more money from them. When you give your customers customer service which stands out, and show them they sincerely value to you, you’re already building your life to success.

One good example here we could use is Zappos. This store because they have shown and has been awarded by people for being able to put their customers first all throughout the years. So if you really want to have a successful business and reach more people while still retaining your existing customers you have to understand the importance of customer service and the benefits that it could give your company. It’s given that there are thousands of competition out in the market in your country alone, so you have to make sure that you set yourself part.

But, how can you set yourself apart how can you add value to your customer service? While we here all the raving stories about customer service going wrong while you rarely here stories about people being happy with the customer service of the brand. Remember that bad news travels as fast as a bolt of lightning and it takes so long to build your business name. It could take only a minute to destroy everything so remember to think and be as relaxed as you can be. Just remember the ways to deliver excellent customer service.

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  1. Comment From James Smith

    Great article. There are some tips that are obvious but we do tend to forget them most of the time.

  2. Comment From John Johnson

    Nice read, it stands as a good reminder when we check for the quality of our CS.

  3. Comment From Robert Williams

    Do not argue with customers is one thing to practice. While customers aren’t literally always right, it’s the CS role to provide service.

  4. Comment From Michael Jones

    There are so many benefits yet so many companies have bad customer service. This is a good article people in the industry should read.

  5. Comment From William Brown

    I agree with this article, customer service is the key to success.

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