6 Live Chat Optimization Strategies for Better Conversions

Live chat can increase your website conversions. Yet only 14% of companies have it. According to Neil Patel, live chat has the capability to increase your website conversions by as much as 40%. A typical website will have a conversion rate of 2%. This means that it will manage to convert 20 for every 1000 visitors. But a website with live chat is different. It will manage to convert visitors Read More >>

How to Turn Everyday Customers into your Top Brand Advocates

Your customers can be your best promoters. Not only do they have unbiased firsthand experience with your brand, each customer has a network of friends and family that they can promote to. What makes this special? Well, studies have shown that promoting to family and friends has double the power than promoting to strangers. This means that when a promotion is done by someone you know, you are more likely Read More >>