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OSI Feedback allows you to easily create one question surveys to identify your best customers. It is the best alternative for Asknicely

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Best Alternative for AskNicely Software

When it comes to finding good software to help you see your customer feedback in real-time, there's nothing like using OSI Feedback as an AskNicely alternative to measure certain results. This will help you get a leg up on what's going on with your demographic. This is perfect if you're thinking of using a different source to see what your customer wants. Below, you'll find specific ways to compare OSI Feedback to AskNicely. Some of the things include: customizable email survey, customer email options, search by ratings, and advocate automation. Ultimately, this is to help turn your one question survey into a way to scout your most loyal customers by turning them into advocates and give them an incentive to promote you. Take a look at what's offered below.

Able to Measure and Improve Your Customer Experience

Collect - You'll automatically collect customer feedback on a daily basis. After each support request or sale triffer our software to get feedback.

Empower - Share the results of your customers with the entire organization to empower them to improve customer retention rate.

Grow - You'll be able to get more traffic, sales, and even save more money through developing an affiliate program. This powerful marketing strategy that gets good results and saves you money, too.

Additionally, you'll be able to connect with your favorite apps.

Integration with Everything

Even if you were to use AskNicely or another program such as OSI Affiliate, you can use this in conjunction with different apps. Integrate OSI Feedback with any tools you already use to help make it easier to run your business. This will help you tie in your program with solid feedback. Additionally, this will be a great way to get others on board in order to work with a specific marketing tactic.

Now, we can take a look at the main features of why this is such a useful tool in gaining feedback directly.

Customizable Email Survey

With this program, you have the opportunity to truly customize the look and feel of everything. When it comes to an email survey, you want it to stand out, but make sure that people get the gist of it without clicking to another page. Here you can keep things simple by making it a one question survey. This way, you're not wasting anyone's time. However, you'll be able to add your own text and links. If you're running an affiliate program, this is a gem. Why? You want your team to cater specific questions to their demographic. By taking a quick note and learning how to incorporate that into nuances of the program, it'll help in the long run. Next, you'll be able to import customer emails.

Customizable Email Import Options

Of course, people have been importing emails since the internet started taking off. However, to do this in a manner that works more efficiently, it's an overlooked aspect of marketing. Here you can import customers individually into a CSV upload. This is great, because you can segment them better in a uniform matter. Often times, tons of queries or concerns get lost when business is booming, so there's nothing available to pick up the slack. This can help you keep organized in the busy times of the year. From this point on, you can begin to search by ratings.

Search by Ratings

When you start building rapport with customers, there are always the loyal ones that rate you well, because they believe in your campaign. Here you can easily see the customers that rate you the best. These are the ones you want to pay attention to the most in order to build a foundation for what you're doing right. It'll help out in the long haul. Now, you can look at the advocate automation.

Learn to Engage More Automatically with Your Strongest Advocates

The people that go above and beyond to represent your brand should be the ones that are on your priority contact list. This is a section that allows you to identify them immediately. You can speak with them directly and give them a product or a special offer to promote to help you draw even bigger business. Take a look at the directed feedback options.

Directed Feedback Options

You'll be able to direct people to based on their response to a survey. This is a good way to see what type of common ground you get in answers. When you see people answer in a particular manner, that can help you with certain testing in regards to putting out product or changing a few things on your site. This is a factor that makes reports so essential.

Export Survey Reports

Here you're able to import the report details via CSV export. Take a look at the results of each customer survey to get a basis of what they need. It'll help you make better moves in the future of your business. Another way to display this type of crucial information is in a graph format.

Customizable Ratings Graph

This is a different method to see the results of your customers' responses. You have the option to view it on an easy to read line graph. Overall, this makes for a user friendly setup.

Creating a User Friendly Setup

It's all about speed and convenience. You can create your survey in a minute or less. The clean and user friendly interface comes in handy to get you started right away. This is great for people just getting their feet wet when it comes to this type of statistical marketing.

All in all, OSI Feedback is an easy and quick manner to get results. You'll be able to get customer feedback in real-time. Rather than having to come up with an elaborate scheme, this focuses on simplicity. It goes directly to the source, which gives you more value. You'll be able to implement this in a full out manner to help your advocates build. Remember, that feedback with your program or finding out what your customers want, is essential to building a long lasting business. This is a tool that will help you create a better business plan for the long-term.

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